Watch ASWANG Full Movie Free Aswang is a Filipino mythological creature most similar to the Western vampires. For years now, this popular folklore in the Philippines had stories which has been adapted into the screen countless times. But among the Aswang movies that I have watched only few had me astounded while others, I have forgotten. Although hyped as the remake of the Pegue Gallaga film”Aswang” which starred Alma Moreno, the 2011 film Aswang seemed like original nevertheless still followed the first half of the classic film. It cannot be considered a remake though because the film just didn’t have that hair-raising horror the classic had. So perhaps it’s safe to say that this is a re-imagination of the 1992 Aswang movie – and quite a good one for the average movie audience. Horror enthusiast like most people who would intend to watch Aswang may be disappointed though. And that’s because Jerrold Tarog did a scare-less attack on the supposedly horrifying ASWANG story. Yes, it wasn’t scary for an Aswang movie and that’s my major gripe on the totality of the movie. I’m one of those who could have bashed Tarog or Adlawan(writer) by adding romantic subplots in the story – giving people notions about a Twilight-like feel on Aswang.